Friday, February 8, 2013

Femme-spiration Friday - Kelly Osbourne

A few months back, my friend C. brought up her love for Kelly Osbourne's magical purple locks. I couldn't contain my excitement, practically screeching my enthusiastic "I KNOW I LOVE KELLY!" She laughed. "Yeah, you probably watch the E! network's Fashion Police just for her," she quipped—not expecting to be 100% dead right.

My laughter died. "I do. I DVR every single episode and make K. watch it with me."

I'm not sure if she was horrified by the extent of my addiction to trash television or impressed by my dedication. But friends, I am here to tell you that my undying fangirl obsession with Kelly Osbourne is no joke. I literally gasp every single time I see another look of hers on FP—invariably calling to K. so he can join me in admiration. He also lovingly helps me pause the end of each episode so I can see who made each item—she wears a lot of H&M and Zara on the show, which I love because it means that her style is actually relatively attainable.

Kelly is often the only voice of tolerance for artistry and creativity on Fashion Police, and it's clear that she understands that style is meant to be fun, full of play and experimentation. She also just seems like she'd be a blast to hang out with. I mean, she's a smart, cool chick with a knack for pattern-mixing and an eye for combining vintage styling with current trends! Anyway, recently, Meg's gotten on board with the Kelly love, too. So, with her blessing, I offer you the top 5 reasons why Kelly Osbourne is femme-spiration royalty.

1. That hair. Look, let's be real: it's not an easy task to pull off lilac locks and still manage to look chic as fuck. As much as I love the idea of cotton-candy colored hair, I know I'd end up looking more like a confused clown or swamp monster masquerading as a pre-teen at an 18+ emo show circa 2003. But on Kelly, this totally unnatural color manages somehow to perfectly complement her skin and eyes, looking gorgeous while still remaining rock & roll.

2. She's a pattern-mixing genius. I couldn't find a still of one of my fav. Kelly outfits (a polka-dotted skirt she pairs with a striped blouse in one of the Fashion Police promos), but it wasn't difficult to find other shots of her making magic with seemingly disparate prints. This floral-polka dot concoction is sheer perfection. Plus, she's working a stellar sky-high top knot, so you know that we at femmepirical evidence give this look an A++.

3. Those tats. I love the way that Kelly's old school style tattoos help her cultivate a look that is both hard and soft, both ultra feminine and tough. And I ain't mad at how she works some leopard print, either.

4. Her perfect blend of retro & modern. It's always been clear that Kelly shares our love of the 90s—even before she rocked this look as the face of Madonna's "Material Girl" line in 2011. I mean, just look at this delicious 90s-inspired floral dress with this leather jacket? It's positively divine.

But Kelly is also able to flawlessly work various retro aesthetics, like 60s-inspired silhouettes and winged eyeliner, with more modern pieces like this 90s-inspired leather jacket. I love this look from around the same period as the Material Girl campaign in 2011.

 Also, just this. Everything about this:

 5. Her shades. I noticed that many of the images of Kelly that I'd saved to my pinterest femme-spiration board feature her rocking some truly amazing sunnies. These are a few of my favorites.

 In sum, Kelly is fierce, fun, gorgeous, and probably my favorite contemporary fashion icon. Thanks for doing what you do, girl—we love to watch it!


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