Friday, February 15, 2013

Femme-spiration Friday: Jamie Luner in "Confessions of a Sorority Girl"

By now, my frighteningly vast love for low culture has probably become clear through my contributions to Friday Femme-spiration posts. B-rated? Made for television? Cult classic? Totally obscure? Pulpy, campy, practically unwatchable? I'm so there. Further, as you've seen from all of our posts so far, Meg & I share an infatuation with the aesthetics of two eras in particular: the 50s and the 90s. Well, today's post manages to combines all of the above elements. Allow me to introduce you to Jamie Luner in "Confessions of a Sorority  Girl"—a 1994 made-for-television misadventure set in 1950s California.

Luner (later of Melrose Place fame) plays Sabrina—"a hot babe, with a cold heart," as the trailer so subtly puts it. Wealthy, self-involved, and dangerous, Sabrina arrives at her new sorority and is roomed with Rita Summers, the friendly, smart, and popular sorority president (played by Alyssa Milano). Luner immediately sets her sights on Mort, Rita's boyfriend (a bar owner & aspiring medical student). But when Mort isn't interested, all hell breaks loose, with Sabrina's escalating seductions & manipulations culminating in attempted murder. Yeah, it's bad.

Although Milano, as the film's goody-two-shoes heroine, has a largely bland wardrobe, she deserves a shout-out for this look. Obsessed with her short curls & that Rosie-the-riveter headband!
The plot's deficiencies are more than recompensed by Luner's ensembles. Since the film is loosely based on a 1957 flick called "Sorority Girl," Uli Edel clearly wanted to find a way to visually reference his source material. I love seeing the way the film chose to re-imagine a 50s femme fatale through the aesthetic lens of the early 90s. Bright colors, exposed midriffs, and loud leopard prints abound. Not to mention red lips, winged eyeliner, and red hair in perfect, loose, face-framing curls!

Luner's appearance in this beautiful yellow bikini creates quite a stir at the pool—one of the film's most memorable moments!
No sorority film would be complete without a toga party...
Hands down, my favorite look is this leopard print number, which Luner dons with perfect red nails and red lips as she lounges on her floral print sheets, smoking and leafing through magazines. Too perfect.

So there you have it! More than you ever thought you'd want to know about a truly terrible 1994 made for television disaster on a Friday afternoon. Fortunately, I've saved you from needing to watch it in its entirety in order to capture the highlights of Luner's style. Don't worry, no need to thank me. I know that providing style Cliffs Notes to various unbearable forms of obscure media is my sacred duty to the world, and I perform it gladly.


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