Saturday, February 2, 2013

Clothing swap

Meg and I have always agreed that we derive a particular kind of pleasure from seeing our clothing items on others. This propensity towards swapping made our college years especially enjoyable. We not only compulsively borrowed clothes from one another, but also reaped the bounty of the shared closet network of our entire dorm. Needless to say, post-undergrad life can sometimes seem bleak in comparison—the horrors of being limited to the confines of one's own closet!

Since Meg, Fuchsia, and I have all been feeling a need to shake up our wardrobes without breaking the bank, this past weekend we decided to hold a clothing swap. I think it was pretty successful, but we'll let the pictures do the talking.




My favorite new acquisitions came from Fuchsia's closet. Strangely enough, she purchased these two pieces during a particularly victorious trip to the Salvation Army in the summer of 2008—and I was with her! Four years later, I was happy to take these off of her hands and give them new life.

Dress & blazer: thrifted by Fuchsia (summer 2008)
Belt: H&M (c. 2007)
Shoes: Aerosoles  (fall 2010)


By now, you've probably heard me rant about my quest to find the perfect pants. Well, I've had a lot of casualties along the way, and I was thrilled that Fuchsia could finally revitalize these J.Crew matchstick cords & Gap skinny jeans that had been collecting dust in my closet after only one or two wears. They looked amazing on her! She also took this great oversized v-neck purple sweater from the Gap.

Fuchsia was also able to create this adorable ensemble out of this wool skirt I thrifted last fall & a cute thrifted button-down that Meg was ready to retire. We never would have imagined that these two items would look so fantastic together!

Sweater: Gap (fall 2011)
Cords: J.Crew Factory Matchstick Cords (fall 2011)
Jeans: Gap Skinny (fall 2010)
Shirt & skirt: thrifted



Meg's first big score was this ruffled floral-print 80s style dress of mine from H&M. She'd borrowed it once before, about two years ago—and it looked amazing on her. Enjoy this photo treat from the sweltering summer that she and Ali (with significantly longer locks) helped us move into our new apartment.

flashback to 2011!
I loved this dress, but I felt I'd maxed out on wearing it with ripped tights to various nightlife events. And since it's much longer on Meg, it becomes a much more versatile garment, no longer only relegated to party wear. This time, she paired it with this thrifted button-down I'd also placed in my discard pile, creating a cute look that gives the suggestion of a denim vest without actually requiring the commitment of purchasing a denim vest.

I can't forget to mention Meg's beautiful braids. She's used this tutorial from She Lets Her Hair Down
once before, and it's quickly becoming one of my favorite styles on her.

Meg also snagged this wool pencil skirt I thrifted a while back, which she paired with this thrifted Ralph Lauren button-down. Since I usually tossed this on with my red Keds and some cut-offs, I couldn't believe how great it looked dressed up with this flattering skirt! I'm so happy to see both of these items far surpassing their original potential.

Dress: H&M (c. 2010)
Shirts & skirt: thrifted (various)


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