Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bird friends

On this Valentine's Day, I have a rare day off, and I'm taking a break from lesson-planning to get extra intimate with my own course reading. Everyone keeps posting really cute things on the internet about their pet being their Valentine. I guess Griffin could be mine, too—but he should work on his gift-giving skills. Vomiting on the bed this morning wasn't really my favorite thing he's ever done. Fortunately he's feeling better this afternoon! Still, with him passed out next to me on the couch, I felt like I needed some extra company on this lonely day full of reading, so I wore a dress with some built-in bird friends to cheer me up.

This dress was my first purchase from Eshakti, a site that allows you to custom order dresses. I was psyched to find out about this site, since I often have a hard time finding dresses that are long enough for my frame! When I ordered this dress, I must have made a mistake in filling out the form. I entered my height at 5'11" and requested a calf-length garment. Imagine my shock when I received it in the mail, took it out of the box, and found that it was ankle-length! As they say, when it rains, it pours. Fortunately, my mom helped me do some much-needed altering, and I'm really happy with the result. Today I tried some pattern-mixing with my scarf (below), and added a bright teal cardigan for some extra color.
Welcome to my first, largely unsuccessful attempt at using a tripod!
Feeling better on our afternoon walk!

Dress: Eshakti Birds on a Wire Dress
Belt: Gap (2013, 40% sale price!)
Dotted scarf: made by my mom
Cardigan: Gap Factory (fall 2012)
Lipcolor: e.l.f. Studio Lip Stain in "fashionista."


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