Sunday, February 3, 2013

Aspirational early spring

Friends, help me welcome my cowboy boots out of early retirement.  After wearing them practically every day of my sophomore year in college, I condemned them to the storage facility that is my parents' basement. I'm hoping not to overwear them again, because I'm really happy that they're back in my life.

This outfit was pretty aspirational-- it was 52 degrees, so I thought I could get away with some light layering.  I hadn't taken into account the extreme wind, though, so I ended up being pretty chilly.  The funny thing is that recently I had a conversation with my friend Chloë in which I described my wardrobe as being composed of two kinds of clothing: the things I bought because I wanted them, and things I bought when I was cold.

This jacket, though it didn't keep me warm in the face of high winds, was initially a purchase to keep me warm during an unexpectedly cold visit to Philadelphia this past fall.  I probably wouldn't have chosen it if I hadn't entered Urban Outfitters with an air of desperation, but I'm pretty glad that I did-- it's super flattering, and short waisted which works well with dresses.  I'm looking forward to getting more use out of it when spring actually hits the east coast.

By the way, you can kind of see the ómbre color that I attempted with Melina and Fuchsia last weekend using this tutorial.  It was super easy to do and not very nerve-wracking.  I think if I'd left the dye on for longer (my hair is just really dark!), it would be more evident.  I'm not unhappy with it, though-- it's more subtle in real life than in the photos, and now I know that if I want to attempt it again, it'll work out well!

Dress: thrifted by Melina (swapped winter 2013)
Jacket: Urban Outfitters (fall 2012) 
Boots: Ariat (fall 2005, maybe?)
Cardigan: not shown, but Marc Jacobs (2005)
Belt: Steve Madden via Marshall's (2008)

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  1. Yes to boots! All of these pictures are adorable. Love your clothing categories to chloë - not surprised!