Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tromping around New England & Meet Ali

Today is my girlfriend Ali's birthday!  We drove through some beautiful parts of New England to celebrate at her family's house, so here are some shots of us tromping around in the leftover snow.

Jacket & cardigan: Anthropologie (winter 2012)
Dress: Thrifted (fall 2011)
Boots: Steve Madden (summer 2012)

Ali has a pretty no nonsense style, so imagine my shock when she chose this Anthropologie cardigan: from the front, it's simple and navy, but the back is sheer and I daresay floral. I think she's been Stockholm-syndromed by my love of flowers.

Cardigan: Anthropologie (winter 2013)
Jeans: Anthropologie (fall 2012)
Boots: Vintage, gifted (winter 2012)
Bracelet: Vintage, inherited from a family friend
Glasses: Coastal (free!!!)

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