Saturday, January 12, 2013

Something old, something new, something stolen from Meg, something free from the lobby of my apartment building

Not the catchiest, but it's an accurate description of today's outfit. Meg gifted me this pretty blue jacket the last time I saw her, and since then, I've been wearing it as frequently as the winter weather will allow. And then yesterday, somehow, the gods decided to shine upon me and send me these free cowboy boots directly from the gates of heaven. I've always wanted a great pair of cowboy boots, but I have a lot of foot problems (look out for the forthcoming shoe post) and was never able to find quite the right fit/heel/weight combination to be comfortable enough to wear. Then K. came home from work and uttered the seventeen most beautiful words in the English language: "There's a pair of boots in the lobby and they look like they might be your size." I've always enjoyed the continuation of college-style free-boxing that happens in my building, but I've never before stumbled upon such a glorious bounty. Thanks, up there, for looking down on me sitting in my pajamas and watching yet another Law & Order: Special Victims Unit marathon with my dog and deciding that somehow my (in)actions merited reward.

Griffin is really shining for the camera in this shot.

Jacket: Theory (stolen from Meg)
Sheer blouse: Thrifted with Meg! (summer 2009)
Skirt: J.Crew Factory (summer 2011, similar skirt)
Boots: building lobby (FREE!)
Necklace: vintage (spring 2007, Uncle Margaret's, Northampton, MA - now closed)
Bag: Nine West via Marshall's (winter 2011)
Watch: Fossil (spring 2012) 
Stacking rings: Elaine B. Jewelry (winter 2012)

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