Friday, January 4, 2013

Meg's secrets revealed

I think all of my secrets have been given away before I could even start blogging.  My dear friend Emily wrote on her Facebook today: "once, when Meghan (our friend and her roommate) didn't know what to wear, I said, "WHAT WOULD MEG DO," and we suddenly knew that the answer to this moment of sartorial distress was a dress, a cardigan, tights, and boots." It has apparently not escaped my friends that this is the formula I live by, and evidently I'm an evangelist.

It's ok with me. I can't think of anything that works better in almost every situation than a dress, boots, and a cardigan. Especially when it involves this prized relic from the 90s, which was acquired during an incredibly successful thrifting romp through Melina's hometown (note: as far as I'm concerned, the place that brought us Melina is also the fucking land of milk and honey in terms of second-hand shopping). It's the best: deceptively comfortable, my favorite kind of ensemble (I love both comfort and deceit), good for locales where working is required and yoga pants unseemly (aka not my apartment). 

My only complaint is that this dress lacks pockets. At a time when Winona Rider reigned supreme as a fashion and lifestyle icon, you'd think the people that designed this frock would have worked in some discreet storage space.

brilliant ditsy floral print
Dress: thrifted summer 2011
Cardigan: stolen from my mother
Boots: Steve Madden, summer 2012
Coat: Hawke & Co. via Marshall's (winter 2010)
Bag: J. Crew, gift (winter 2012)

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