Saturday, January 26, 2013

Practical matters

I'm not the kind of person who understands the importance of dressing practically for weather. In fact, I almost always forget to check the forecast and wear the exact wrong shoes for a day of pouring rain, or I base an entire look around a cardigan that I soon need to discard in sweltering heat. I especially hate dressing for the cold & snow—I often feel silly in winter hats, and I try to avoid my big puffer coat whenever possible. But lately, it's been so unbelievably burn-your-face-off freezing in my city that even I needed to get my act together.

On the coldest day this week, I went for layers: leggings under my jeans, a t-shirt under a cozy thick sweater, a jacket, unabashedly un-chic sleeping bag with sleeves, and a hat & thick wool socks stolen from K. In fact, I think this is probably my version of Meg's earlier post on butching up for a long winter. I compensated for the relative butchness of this look with my favorite new make-up treat, e.l.f. Studio Lip Stain in "fashionista." Because pink lipcolor makes this outfit femme, right?

Leggings (not pictured): American Apparel high-waist leggings
Sweater: Gap (fall 2012)
Earrings: foundling
Jacket: thrifted
Puffer, scarf & boots: Gap
Gloves: estate sale (summer 2012)
Hat: American Apparel, stolen from K.
Lip color: e.l.f. Studio Lip Stain in "fashionista."

Stay warm, friends!


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