Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our backpack

Back in 2010, Melina and I realized that we were facing the same dilemma-- we were both struggling to carry around all of our grad school essentials in totes and huge purses, which was not only inconvenient, but made for a lot of back and shoulder pain.  The alternative, we realized, was a backpack that would help us to evenly distribute weight and be more accommodating to the amount of stuff we were carting around.  Unfortunately, all of the backpacks we saw around were the super-functional sporty types that didn't match our femme aesthetic-- even in the face of lifelong back problems, we were really reticent to succumb to that, realizing that even if we dropped dollars on a North Face bag or something, we'd probably continue to eschew it for our shoulder bags.

This in mind, we launched a full-on, all femmes on deck search, and what we came up with was this Makr Carry Goods Farm Rucksack, which we both decided to order (no one ever said we weren't a little codependent).  I think I speak for both of us when I say that we've been thrilled with this backpack, which is great for both school and travel.  It's made of sturdy cotton duck with gorgeous cognac colored accents, and it's padded shoulder straps feel pretty heavenly compared to our previous choices.  Best of all, this bag doesn't look out of place with our clothes and coats, and gets of a ton of compliments.  Of course, we still use a variety of bags depending on what we have lined up, but for long days, trips to the library, and finals time, this rucksack is indispensable-- I think I never would have gotten through my months of studying for comps without this to carry my huge binders around campus.  Admittedly, the price tag is a little steep, but as far as cost-per-wear goes, this backpack is worth its weight in gold.  Even better, I noticed today that it's on sale for $100 until the 23rd, so I thought it would be a good time to salute this femme academic workhorse!

xo, meg

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