Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolution

Meg and Melina have been talking about starting a fashion blog together for years. Or, to be more accurate, Melina has been asking Meg to start a fashion blog for years. On our various trips to Savers or the Goodwill, as Meg emerged with yet another victorious haul, Melina would plead with her: please, for the love of God, gloat about this on the internet. Eventually, Melina suggested a joint effort, and in 2013, we're confronting the grammatical awkwardness of writing in the third person to introduce Femmepirical Evidence. Part of our goal in starting this blog, obviously, is to make better use of the closets we've curated for years by frequenting sales, thrift stores, and estate sales. It's an incentive to resist the siren call of loungewear during the hopeless doldrums of finals, and a place to beg the denizens of the internet to help us bring back 90s floral prints. But it's also a sounding board for continued conversations surrounding femme visibility, both within and outside of the academy, and a way to keep in touch with each other's evolving styles and recent conquests. 

For our first post, we offer some shots of us ringing in the new year together. While we live in different cities, New Year's Eve is a venerated part of the femme calendar year (at least for us), and we try to spend it together whenever possible. We're not the kind of people that will willingly pass on an opportunity for fur collars, beehives, giant baubles, and excessive black eyeliner, and while we certainly don't need a holiday to bust them out, New Year's offers the opportunity to be especially baroque in our application. This year was no exception:


Dress: Talbots Outlet (fall 2012, huge crazy billion percent off sale-- the original price was $198, but it ended up being about $13)
Sweater: J. Crew Factory (fall 2012)

Rings: Marco Bicego, Anthropologie

Necklace: Anthropologie (gift, winter 2011)


Dress: Vintage (from the Brooklyn Flea, winter 2012—$40 after considerable bartering)
Coat: Vintage (Toad Hall Vintage) 

Earrings, Clutch & Compact: Estate sale finds (Northeastern, PA)

Necklace: Macy's (gift, winter 2010)
Beehive: courtesy of Meg (tutorial here! she tucked in a silk scarf for volume)

Of course every New Year's Eve requires taking care of social responsibility at midnight. And we never mass text!

And a shout out to our fabulous host of the evening, C. Thanks for an amazing night!

Happy New Year, all! Until next time,
Meg & Melina


  1. why even tease us with liner notes for your shoes? can't see either of your feet! lookin' fab, as ever, lay-deez.

  2. This is my new favorite thing!