Sunday, January 6, 2013

Unexpected love letter to colored denim

I love these pants. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d be able to write without a trace of irony. My height, combined with my long-waisted body and fairly generous thighs, has always ensured that finding the right pair of pants would be about as pleasurable as, say, a long avoided dentist appointment or waiting in line at the DMV to replace a lost ID card you then find in a different purse a week later. That’s happened to everyone, right? For a while, I thought Gap skinnies in “long” were the best I could do. Never mind the fact that they were cut far too low and threatened to slide down at the slightest motion. Who needs to wear anything other than ridiculously oversized t-shirts and extra long tunics with their skinny jeans? I attempted to convince myself. Then, I was introduced to these utterly magical BDG high-rise cigarette jeans (thanks Ali!)—and my life was changed forever.
This is our new dog friend, Griffin!
Style breakthroughs often help me define major epochs of my existence. For instance, I definitely think of my life in terms of pre- and post-bangs (peace out, pronounced widow’s peak). And these jeans are helping me to usher in a new brilliant era of sunny, happy, comfortable, pants-wearing living. Although they are meant to be high-rise, and would totally make for a great tucked-in retro look on others, on me, they just fit like regular jeans. Further, the spectacular fit has given me the confidence to explore the colored denim trend—something I could only dream about when I was still spending lots of mental energy quietly engineering ways to sit down with my butt facing a wall. 

I’m on break right now, but I’ve been wearing these plum jeans for teaching and relaxing alike. Shortly after these photos were taken, I wore this very comfy look on a Metro-North excursion to visit friends outside the city and I didn't need to hike them up once. This is also my first attempt at pattern mixing that (I think) doesn’t make me look like I got dressed in the dark. So, there’s that.


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