Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jacket jackpot

Few things give me the satisfaction I feel after getting a really good deal. From time to time I've hit it big at my hometown's Salvation Army/Goodwill circuit, finding amazing vintage dresses or cute, quirky blouses. But nothing like this past weekend—when I walked away with two dresses, a fab peplum top, and four new jackets, including the awesome (faux) leather and tweed number I'm wearing in my last post.

This outfit (one that will come in handy when the semester begins) is almost entirely comprised of thrifting finds, and with the blazer coming in at $8, the dress at $5, and the scarf at $2, my wallet feels as full (sort of) as my heart feels light. In other words, VICTORY IS MIIINEE. 

Blazer: thrifted (2013)
Dress: thrifted (2013)
Scarf: thrifted (fall 2012)
Gloves: estate sale (summer 2012)
Pin: vintage, from my mom


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