Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Impulse buy

Two weeks ago I was road-tripping with Meg and Ali from their city back to mine. We had to stop at a nearby Target to pick up some essentials: namely, caffeine from the conveniently located Starbucks inside and some black tights for Ali (or, as she affectionately refers to them, "leg prisons"). Although our goal was to divide and conquer for a quick in-and-out trip—I went for coffee while Meg & Ali evaluated the fine selection of leg prisons—we soon found ourselves captivated by a truly glorious sight.

Right near the check-out lines, the remnants of the recent Neiman Marcus collaboration stood before us, with prices slashed to 70% off. How could we possibly refuse? Rather than fight the inevitable, Ali encouraged Meg to pick up this beautiful Lela Rose dress she'd been eying. Meg, in turn, inspired me to go for this Lela Rose top. I grabbed my size and we headed to the registers. The whole interaction probably took under two minutes. These were impulse purchases in their purest form. After wearing it for the first time, I can't say I'm sorry. As any devoted viewer of TLC's What Not to Wear knows, you have to factor in the use value of an item when you consider its price. I'm not really sure how you'd do that because it sounds like it would involve math and numbers or something. But I do know that I will get a lot of use out of this shirt and that I got it for under $25. So that makes it a win.

Griffin was being particularly rambunctious during this shoot!


Shirt: Lela Rose (Target, winter 2012)
Coat: J.Crew Factory (winter 2011)
Pants: BDG high-rise cigarette (winter 2012)
Cardigan: unsure of brand (Kohl's, winter 2007)
Boots: Born Carpenter (via 6pm.com, fall 2012)
Bag: stolen from my mom (who thrifted it)
Necklaces: clock gear parts (gift, summer 2010) 
& anchor (Urban Outfitters, summer 2010 - similar)
Lipstick: NARS Heat Wave

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  1. ok. this is adorable. the last picture of you & griffin is the best!