Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good hair day

My relationship with my fine, straight, dyed red locks has been more than a little fraught in past years. In college I developed an excessive back-combing problem in a misguided attempt to combat limpness, and I nearly ruined my poor color-treated hair. Don't worry—I'm in recovery. But allow me to use this opportunity to apologize to anyone I've missed: I'm sorry for the pain my tangled, matted, ammonia-fried hair may have caused you.

Luckily, these days, I've got a friend who knows how to make my hair look healthy & amazing both in cut and color. Budgeting time & money to get my hair done as a poor graduate student is sometimes a challenge, so (as past posts indicate) I've been rocking an unintentional ombre style for the past few months. But while I was in town over the weekend, I was finally able to book another appointment with Thomas from Alexander's Salon—who is pretty much my new favorite person. Not only did we spend the morning chatting about tattoos and our favorite music, 90s movies, and female cultural icons, but I also left feeling like I was actually having a good hair day. Scratch that, an incredible hair day! He gave me this gorgeous deep red color, a new layered cut, and even threw in some curls before I left his chair. Thanks so much, Thomas. I can't wait to book our next session!

Jacket: thrifted this weekend for $8!
Chambray shirt: J.Crew Factory (similar)
Jeans: BDG high-rise cigarette in black
 Boots: Gap (winter 2013 - 40% off sale price! so cozy.)
Tote: Gap (fall 2012)
Gloves: estate sale (summer 2010) 
Sunglasses: Le Specs Runway 


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  1. OMG b I cannot get over this jacket it's AMAZING. I guess your hairs also look pretty fab.