Saturday, January 19, 2013

From the archives

With my photographer away on the opposite coast for a few days, I haven't been able to take any photos lately (but I promise that I've been getting dressed, in spite of my absence from the blog).  I recently rediscovered some photos Mel and I took this summer after a majorly good thrifting haul together, so I thought I'd share them-- this afternoon was one of the many times we considered starting a blog.
One of the best things I found that day was this good-as-knew jersey dress by Splendid with tonal dots and a white under-layer.  I wore this amazingly soft dress happily all summer, and can't wait to pull it out again this spring.  Also pictured is a very messy sock bun, which is a fun alternative to the regular top knot, and one of my favorite Makeup Forever lipsticks.
I also played with styling the same dress with this tied, light wash chambray shirt of Melina's, which I loved.

Melina made out like a bandit with this amazing vintage sweater with a snap-off fur collar.  The funniest thing about it is that I own an identical garment, which belonged to my grandmother.  Unlike mine which has a couple of small holes, Mel's is in perfect shape.  She paired it with a 90s floral skirt that she also thrifted.
Perhaps the biggest surprise of the day were these teal pants that Melina found.  They have an elastic waist, and looked frankly kind of scary on the hanger.  In her heart of hearts, though, she knew that these pants had potential, and indeed, they turned out to be super cute and flattering-- as long as the elastic waist is well covered.  Sorry to share your secrets here, Mel!xo, Meg

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