Thursday, January 10, 2013


Here's another easy (read: lazy) look for the week before spring classes begin for working at home and running to the library and out to get sick supplies for poor Ali, who's still knocked out in bed from the flu that we're all going to get no matter what.  Anyway, this post is dedicated to Melina.  Remember when she posted her ode to colored denim?  These jeans are a casualty of hers from before she discovered the magical high-waisted BDG jeans-- given that I'm approximately a foot shorter than she is, I was able to take these super-soft pants off of her hands, and, remarkably, they fit!

Ok, so I have to cuff them, but no matter.

Also pictured is this crazy peach thrifted sweater thing, which I purchased with Melina's blessings on a Savers binge last spring, and a pair of awesome arrow post earrings that she and K. gifted me for Christmas.  These earrings are simple, but adorable, and Melina and K. unknowingly filled a major hole in my jewelry box by giving them to me.  I had no shortage of dangly statement earrings, but few low-key pairs to wear with necklaces or busy necklines, so I've barely taken these off for two weeks!

Sweater: thifted (spring 2012, I think?)
Jeans: Gap, given to me by Melina
Necklace: Anthropologie (stolen from my mom)
Earrings: Gift from M & K from winter 2012- not sure of the designer, but definitely acquired at the Bust Craftacular
Boots: Frye (fall 2005)

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