Thursday, January 10, 2013

Afternoon cocktails

Yesterday, after doing some work in the morning, I met my close friend E. for an early afternoon cocktail reward. She's been studying in London for the past several months, and leaves again soon, so it was great to meet up one more time to catch up and day drink. E.—which might as well stand for "elegant"—has always been a style icon to me. Unlike me, in college she never went through any embarrassing style phases, but somehow we still became BFFs even though when we met, she was in head-to-toe Anthropologie and I was wearing some ripped flare jeans and a Grateful Dead t-shirt with a giant hole in it. Now that's true love.

These days, when we meet up for an afternoon cocktail, it often means we both show up in our flounciest housewife dresses. But stress and cold has us a little down lately, so I opted for the simplicity and comfort of jeans & a sweater instead. A surprising afternoon rise in temperature did mean that I could give these new flats a spin, though. I really like this outfit, and I think this sweater (which is slightly more interesting than my average cardigan) was an excellent investment for both teaching and casual days. Still, I'm looking forward to prancing around in summer dresses upon E.'s return in June!

 Shirt: H&M (summer 2012)
Sweater: Anthropologie (30% off sale! winter 2012)
Jeans: BDG high-rise in pure blue (winter 2012)
Necklace: boyfriend's grandmother
Scarf: stolen from my mother
Bag: stolen from my mother (who thrifted it)

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  1. <3!!! Love it... and how did I not notice that necklace?? It's beautiful!