Thursday, January 31, 2013

Birthday dranks

Part of our festivities this weekend included celebrating Melina's birthday.  It was a low-key event at a local bar, where friends from all parts of Melina's life joined for beers and hangouts, including several of our college friends (hey Chloë, Eel & Fuchsia!).  After a weekend of clothing exchange and getting super dolled up, we opted for slightly more casual looks, and used the evening as an opportunity to show off some new-to-us finds.


Melina was set on wearing her new, hot pink high waisted BDG jeans (read her love poem to this style of jeans), so we set out to find the perfect top to go with them, ultimately settling on this silk Gap shirt that I bought myself in 2005.  It looks totally different on Mel, and I'm so happy to see her give it new life!

She also added these Kenneth Cole earrings that we had both pinned ages ago, which K., ever an astute boyfriend, stealthily ordered and gifted to Melina as one of her birthday treats.  The look was completed with her new Anthropologie flats by Miss Albright and a messy sock bun.

I'd also be remiss not to mention Mel's new thrifted coat, purchased on a recent raid of her hometown's amazing thrift stores.


For my ensemble, I chose something super easy that I felt great in.  Melina bought this garment a year or two ago from Modcloth as a tunic.  On me, though, it's a very acceptable length as a (short) dress, easy to wear with some opaque black tights and my boots (a good thing, since they were the only shoes I brought aside from my bone-colored mary-janes).

I'm jealous that so many of Melina's shoots include her dog-bud, Griffin, so I had to get in on the action.

We had a great night celebrating Mel's birthday with our fun and stylish friends, and look forward to sharing more moments from our weekend over the coming week!

xo Meg

Pants: BDG highwaisted jeans in "Berry" (Urban, winter 2013)
Top: Gap (swapped 2013, purchased by Meg 2005)
Shoes: Anthropologie (winter 2013)
Earrings: Kenneth Cole (birthday gift 2013)
Lipstick: Gash by Urban Decay

Dress: Modcloth (swapped 2013, purchased by Melina 2011)
Cardigan: Banana Republic (2006)
Tights: Fleece-lined leg snugglers (gifted to Ali by Fuchsia, borrowed by me)
Boots: Steve Madden (summer 2012)
Earrings: Gift from Melina and K. (Christmas 2012)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One last hurrah

On Friday, Meg and Fuchsia came to visit me for my birthday weekend and one last hurrah before my semester began. With so many events of different registers on the agenda (from our planned clothing swap, to K.'s drag group's Dragiversary show, to my birthday party—photos of all of these events forthcoming), Meg and Fuchsia had to pack a decent portion of their closets! Somewhere in between me giving Fuchsia six pairs of pants, Meg getting some front-row attention from an incredible drag queen, and me blowing out the candles on my birthday cake, we braved the frigid temperatures for this quick outdoor photo shoot.

Define that waist!
Behind-the-scenes primping.



Coat: Hawke and Co. (via Marshall's, 2010)
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Banana Republic (c. 2006)
Skirt: J.Crew Factory (stolen from Ali)
Shoes: Etienne Agnier (2004)
Gloves: estate sale (summer 2012)
Scarf: random store in Northampton, MA (c. 2005-now defunct)
Necklace: Ali's grandmother's
Lipcolor: Urban Decay "gash"




Coat: estate sale (summer 2011)
Cardigan: Kohl's (c. 2007)
Dress: thrifted (summer 2011)
Belt: H&M (c. 2007)
Gloves: estate sale (summer 2012)
Boots: free! (story here.)
Necklace: gift from K. (summer 2010)
Nail polish: OPI Vampsterdam
Lipcolor: e.l.f. Studio Lip Stain in "fashionista."



Jeans: Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans in "Madewell" wash
Shirt: Short-sleeve v-neck artist t (J.Crew Factory, winter 2010)
Scarf: Marshall's (fall 2012)
Shoes: Fluevog Jules ankle boots (winter 2010)
Lipcolor: bite beauty high pigment matte pencil in bramble

melina & meg

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Practical matters

I'm not the kind of person who understands the importance of dressing practically for weather. In fact, I almost always forget to check the forecast and wear the exact wrong shoes for a day of pouring rain, or I base an entire look around a cardigan that I soon need to discard in sweltering heat. I especially hate dressing for the cold & snow—I often feel silly in winter hats, and I try to avoid my big puffer coat whenever possible. But lately, it's been so unbelievably burn-your-face-off freezing in my city that even I needed to get my act together.

On the coldest day this week, I went for layers: leggings under my jeans, a t-shirt under a cozy thick sweater, a jacket, unabashedly un-chic sleeping bag with sleeves, and a hat & thick wool socks stolen from K. In fact, I think this is probably my version of Meg's earlier post on butching up for a long winter. I compensated for the relative butchness of this look with my favorite new make-up treat, e.l.f. Studio Lip Stain in "fashionista." Because pink lipcolor makes this outfit femme, right?

Leggings (not pictured): American Apparel high-waist leggings
Sweater: Gap (fall 2012)
Earrings: foundling
Jacket: thrifted
Puffer, scarf & boots: Gap
Gloves: estate sale (summer 2012)
Hat: American Apparel, stolen from K.
Lip color: e.l.f. Studio Lip Stain in "fashionista."

Stay warm, friends!


Friday, January 25, 2013

Femme-spiration Friday: Miss Bianca from The Rescuers

Over the past two weeks, Melina has regaled you with some vintage babes -- 90s Rose McGowan and Jane Fonda in Barbarella.  Today's femme-spiration, the shining star of forgotten Disney masterpieces The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under, marks a slight change of pace. This Friday we salute Hungary's most beloved diplomat, Miss Bianca.

Hear me out: in December, when I was laboring over final papers and all matter of other stressful and unpleasant tasks, Ali decided that I needed a dose of Disney to take my mind off of things.  I was skeptical-- cartoons aren't really my jam.  She persisted, though, and it was for one reason alone: she knew that Bianca was my spirit animal.

First of all, look at her, with her jaunty fur hat and swing coat?  I mean, guys, she's fucking made of fur, yet she still wears this fur-trimmed coat and hat with brilliance and ease! She's a sartorial vision, and she's also constantly bossing her much less adventurous comrade, Bernard. The plot, which involves saving some little girl being mistreated down the bayou, is kind of secondary to Bianca's sass.

Not only is Miss Bianca fashionable and fearless, but she also uses her feminine wiles and quick wit (not to mention her charming Hungarian accent, lent by actress/socialite Éva Gábor), to turn heads at the Rescue Aid Society (you know, the uh, mouse version of the United Nations, duh) and on her various adventures.  Miss Bianca always get her way, which I admire, even while blazing trails in the male-dominated sphere of international diplomacy.  Meanwhile, her companion Bernard is constantly afraid of the fates awaiting him, and proceeds only because he wants to prove that he can protect Miss Bianca.  Not a chance, Bernard, but we commend you for trying to keep up with this fierce femme.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jacket jackpot

Few things give me the satisfaction I feel after getting a really good deal. From time to time I've hit it big at my hometown's Salvation Army/Goodwill circuit, finding amazing vintage dresses or cute, quirky blouses. But nothing like this past weekend—when I walked away with two dresses, a fab peplum top, and four new jackets, including the awesome (faux) leather and tweed number I'm wearing in my last post.

This outfit (one that will come in handy when the semester begins) is almost entirely comprised of thrifting finds, and with the blazer coming in at $8, the dress at $5, and the scarf at $2, my wallet feels as full (sort of) as my heart feels light. In other words, VICTORY IS MIIINEE. 

Blazer: thrifted (2013)
Dress: thrifted (2013)
Scarf: thrifted (fall 2012)
Gloves: estate sale (summer 2012)
Pin: vintage, from my mom


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Closet shopping

I've been trying to make some Big Decisions about what parts of my wardrobe to let go of-- partially in anticipation of a big move in a few months, and more pressingly, looking forward to a clothing swap with Melina and Fuchsia.  When I was pawing through my closet this morning, Ali pointed at this skirt.  I protested, but she was right-- she had never seen me wear it in our three year relationship, yet I was carrying it around with me everywhere I moved.  I accepted the challenge, put it on... and realized that I loved it.  
Part of the reason that this skirt hasn't seen a lot of action in the past few years is that skirts, well, terrify me.  It's no secret that I'm short-- really short.  Clothes with the wrong proportions overwhelm me, and I've often found that skirts, even with tops tucked in, make me lose my waist and feel like a big boxy mass.  Dresses, on the other hand, feel great, and are easy-- but lead to the cardi-dress-boots rut.
So here you have it-- I've saved this barely worn skirt from being purged, and found something in my closet that I feel pretty great in.  If only I'd accomplished that much in my work today...

Top: Long tunic from H&M
Skirt: J. Crew (2008?  2009?)
Boots: Vintage Etienne Aigner (winter 2010)

Good hair day

My relationship with my fine, straight, dyed red locks has been more than a little fraught in past years. In college I developed an excessive back-combing problem in a misguided attempt to combat limpness, and I nearly ruined my poor color-treated hair. Don't worry—I'm in recovery. But allow me to use this opportunity to apologize to anyone I've missed: I'm sorry for the pain my tangled, matted, ammonia-fried hair may have caused you.

Luckily, these days, I've got a friend who knows how to make my hair look healthy & amazing both in cut and color. Budgeting time & money to get my hair done as a poor graduate student is sometimes a challenge, so (as past posts indicate) I've been rocking an unintentional ombre style for the past few months. But while I was in town over the weekend, I was finally able to book another appointment with Thomas from Alexander's Salon—who is pretty much my new favorite person. Not only did we spend the morning chatting about tattoos and our favorite music, 90s movies, and female cultural icons, but I also left feeling like I was actually having a good hair day. Scratch that, an incredible hair day! He gave me this gorgeous deep red color, a new layered cut, and even threw in some curls before I left his chair. Thanks so much, Thomas. I can't wait to book our next session!

Jacket: thrifted this weekend for $8!
Chambray shirt: J.Crew Factory (similar)
Jeans: BDG high-rise cigarette in black
 Boots: Gap (winter 2013 - 40% off sale price! so cozy.)
Tote: Gap (fall 2012)
Gloves: estate sale (summer 2010) 
Sunglasses: Le Specs Runway 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beads & baubles

Hello from the hallway of my apartment building!  Daylight hours have been short and schedules have been tight, so the setting is a little bit less than ideal, but I couldn't wear this amazing vintage cardigan without bombarding the internet with its beaded glory, so here you have it!

Also featured here is an amazing silk shirt from Madewell that I snagged this weekend for a song.  They're doing 30% off already major markdowns in the store, and I discovered that the 15% student discount can also be applied, so this baby came in around $20-- as did another exciting purchase that I'm hoping to share later in the week.

Sweater: Vintage, thrifted (2009?  Second Time Around in Providence, RI)
Shirt: Madewell (winter 2013, get it here)
Jeans: The Loft (summer 2012)
Boots: Frye
Earrings: Anthropologie (winter 2011)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Family ties

This weekend, K. & I traveled to my hometown to hang out with my mom. My mother is definitely responsible for instilling in me a deep love of old things; we've bonded over a mutual love of vintage aesthetics, thrifting, and bargain hunting for years. So by now, I know enough to pack lightly for weekend visits in order to save room for new treasures on the way home. This time, I tossed this cozy & beautiful vintage wool dress in my bag (a victory from a past visit), and in the spirit of the outfit, my mom suddenly produced some beautiful vintage coats (from various female relatives) she'd been hiding somewhere. Basically, this post is brought to you by a mother/daughter relationship founded on enabling one another to continuously acquire and store (hoard) old things, and my desire to prance around in a floor-length velvet fur-trimmed coat that I will never be able to wear in my real day-to-day life.

Griffin wasn't co-operating this time.

Dress: Toad Hall Vintage (fall 2012)
Gloves: estate sale (summer 2012)
Boots: Born Carpenter (similar)