Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Year, friends and femmes! I've been gone for too long, but this seems like the exact right time to return-- Femmepirical Evidence's birthday. The blog was born after years of both serious discussion and jokes about it, and finally came to fruition after Melina and my New Years Eve post. While I don't have NYE pictures to post this year (I'm writing from an Amtrak, and may or may not be wearing leggings-- but if I were to be wearing leggings, don't worry, my butt is-- I mean would be covered), I wanted to share a snuggly outfit that I wore on yesterday's birthday visit to a favorite museum while on an east coast holiday break from sunny California. I was super happy to spend a cold day in this awesome hand-me-down sweater from Melina obtained during our clothing swap in January, and a Target dress bought during a stress shopping trip in November. Actually, this headband was purchased during a stress shopping trip also, which I guess is a good indicator of how my first term in a PhD program felt...

I'm just going to be honest: this dress is basically a sweatshirt masquerading as a dress, but I think it does a pretty good job. Rather than being the bulky sweatshirt material, and it's a kind of raglan, and it's soft, easily packable, and has a (not pictured) hot pink zipper detail on the back.

I need to point out not only my SUPER SPARKLY holiday manicure, but also this amazing triangle ring made and gifted to me by the super-fucking-talented Fuchsia. She doesn't have her website up and running yet, but when she does we'll let you guys know, because her stuff is so awesome.

Another important note is that Ali got a new pair of glasses from Warby Parker, and I love them.

I'm looking forward to another year of sharing my outfits and tracking my style through the transitional phases of academic life. Even more than that, I'm so grateful and excited to continue this project with my brilliant and beautiful bestie Melina, and the incredible community of femmes that find resonance with Femmepirical Evidence. I'm not making any style related New Year's resolutions (I'm sticking to read more fiction and remember where you parked your fucking car), but I hope that you'll join me in looking forward to a truly phenomenal 2014.


Sweater: swapped-- from Melina / Dress: Target (now on clearance!) / Infinity scarf: Target / Tights: whoops, also from Target / Headband: Anthropologie / Earrings: gifted from Melina and K. last year / Boots: Steve Madden (similar) / Bag: Lucky Brand / Rings: Marco Bicego, Anthropologie, and Fuchsia

Friday, December 6, 2013

"Understated is Overrated"

I woke up to a text message from Elizabeth a few weeks ago, which informed me of her new "response to anyone questioning her aesthetic choices." Inspired by a Shahs of Sunset subway billboard (what else?), she'd decided to adopt the slogan "understated is overrated" as her new femme mantra. I think it's going to be mine, too—especially on the weekend, when I find myself piling on loud combinations of things that I wouldn't wear to my two teaching jobs. This was the idea behind this look from a few weekends ago, where I thought to myself "is it too much to wear my faux leather jacket, animal print, a (half) hive, and cowboy boots all in the same outfit?" The answer was a resounding yes, which, of course, was all the more reason to go for it. Thanks, E!

dress: ann taylor loft / jacket: h&m / necklace: snash jewelry / boots: scavenged / lips: sephora cream lip stain in strawberry kissed


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bare-legged October

Pardon my long absence, and the fact that I'm going to taunt you with these photos from early fall that feature bare legs and rolled up sleeves. I'll refrain from telling you about how the west coast is still so warm and sunny that I could wear shorts every day if I wanted to... whoops, I let that one slip out. Anyway, these are from a quick round of pictures we did on a Saturday morning in the beginning of October getting some iced coffees and walking Miss Harper (who is now considerably bigger!).

Sweater: Anthropologie (get the look) / Dress: Target (get the look) / Shoes: Nine West (get the look) / Earrings: Vintage, a birthday gift from my lovely friend Abby who wrote this Femmespiration post

Friday, November 15, 2013

M & E's excellent adventure

The semester has been a little too crazy for outfit documenting lately, but I thought it was about time for me to post these photos from a month ago, when Elizabeth & I roadtripped to my hometown for a weekend of thrifting and scavenging bliss. We were serious about it, and I was able to show E all of my favorite tucked away spots, in addition to dragging her around to a number of exciting and profitable estate sales. Basically, we bought a lottttttt of stuff, for very little $$$, all while listening to Rihanna's "Pour it Up" obsessively on repeat and talking about the feminist politics of not only that anthem, but also of Nicki Minaj's mastery of the guest verse (see the hairpin article here). What I am trying to tell you is that it was a dream weekend.

In between all of these incredibly absorbing activities, we managed to take a few shots near this abandoned plane I've been intrigued with for a while. E was able to show off a beautiful coat she'd thrifted from one of our early stops the day before, and I was working on a way to style a new bold necklace I'd picked up from another estate sale on the same day. While I'm great at thrifting, I am not always great at figuring out how to wear statement pieces of jewelry. I tend towards the minimal when it comes to accessorizing, but this is something I have been trying to challenge lately. E convinced me to pick up this piece, and I think it's an excellent start. I've already gotten a lot of wear out of it in the past month!


skirt: ann taylor loft (get the look) / vest: thrifted jacket w/ cut sleeves (get the look) / necklace: estate sale (get the look) / lips: nars heat wave

coat: thrifted / boots: gringo (get the look) / sunglasses: beyond retro (get the look)


Saturday, October 26, 2013

On Apple Picking and Denim on Denim

Ah, the accidental Canadian tuxedo. I've actually been trying to figure out how to do a really fashion-y and intentional Canadian tuxedo look this fall: with a light chambray shirt and darker jeans, boots, a big messy top-knot and red lips, it seems like it should be a cinch. But I haven't perfected the intentional Canadian tuxedo yet. Maybe because it's a look that always works best when it seems effortless. I still remember a particularly stunning member of my cohort who rocked her denim jacket with jeans like it was nothing during our first year. I commended her on her impressive execution of D on D once, and she was like, "what? Oh, I didn't really think about it." I rest my case.

Anyway, I found myself forced into an accidental Canadian tuxedo situation during our weekend visit to see Fuchsia in Western Mass. a while ago. Because here is a thing that is true about me: I CAN'T PACK CORRECTLY FOR ANYTHING. Not even for a weekend. But you know, I'm okay with what I ended up wearing for this bucolic fall day of bestie apple picking, and I loved that Fuchsia and I both went for shades of denim for the occasion. We were also sure to faithfully re-apply our lipstick in the car before picking up bags—a move which earned us some truly memorable side-eye from the farm employee. But that's just how we roll.

jacket: gap factory (get the look) / shirt: modcloth love ballad tunic / jeans: bdg high rise (get the look) boots: madden girl dolo boot / lips: elf mineral lipstick in beautiful berry 

denim shirt: thrifted from savers / striped tee: j.crew factory (get the look) / jeans: madewell (get the look) / scarf: florence, italy / loafers: bass men's, thrifted from savers / lips: NARS red square


Monday, October 21, 2013

Femmestagram: recent thrifting triumphs

This super twee look is a composite of recent thrifting conquests, and I'm not going to lie--I'm pretty psyched about it. This printed dress, which has just the right amount of a Laura Ingles Wilder vibe   was discovered by Fuchsia during our last Savers raid, and I'm so grateful that I was able to reap the benefit of her skilled thrifting eye. I then picked up this vintage statement necklace to complete the ensemble while estate sale hopping with Elizabeth in my hometown this past weekend. The handbag, also vintage, is another product of local estate sale luck. 

I'd also gotten a fresh haircut from my beloved Thomas earlier that day, and Elizabeth was kind enough to snap these photos to document this good hair/outfit moment. She couldn't be persuaded to appear in front of the camera, even though she was looking effortlessly gorgeous as usual in her oversized flannel and skinny jeans: the ideal look to be my butch shopping sidekick in K's absence. In case you're wondering, this job entails spotting me a bunch of cash because I've forgotten to go to the bank, driving me around all of tarnation so I can hit the best sales, and carrying all of the things I want to buy so that my hands are free enough to pull a queer femme Paris Hilton with my dog in his olive green travel bag. She performed her duties well extremely well. But, not to worry, readers. I wore her down by the next day, so you can expect a post featuring one of her amazing thrifting finds coming up soon. 

dress: thrifted (get the look) / necklace: thrifted (get the look) / boots: crown vintage tabitha bootie / tights: h&m / lips: NARS lip pencil in red square


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Impulse buy II: Philip Lim for Target

I'm sure this is exactly what the Great Minds of Target had in mind, but both times that I've purchased items from their designer collections, they were impulse buys in their purest forms. As in, I went to Target for some other reason (in this case, a raincoat for Griffin which I hope will make an appearance on here soon), became utterly overcome by my unquenchable thirst for consumerism, and then purchased a piece without even trying it on. It worked out well when I picked up this Lela Rose top last winter from the Neiman Marcus collection & this leopard print sweater by Philip Lim was no exception. 

It's not that I hadn't been eying the Philip Lim collection from its first sneak peek appearance on the internet—I had. It's just that I couldn't figure out which item I wanted to spend my monthly clothing allowance on. At first, I wanted the dress in this print (which I've seen so many gorgeous femmes rocking since its release!), but this pull over was ultimately a better choice for my shape. In any case, it was the perfect thing to wear on my fall escape to Massachusetts with K. this past weekend. I managed to get a bunch of compliments on the color, both in person and after K. posted a photo on Instagram of me playing in the leaves with Griffin. Internet compliments are the great. And you're right, Ali: whoever said that redheads can't wear orange is DEAD WRONG.

Don't worry, readers: photos of me apple picking with my beloved BFF Fuchsia while wearing a Canadian tuxedo are imminent.


sweater: philip lim for target / jeans:BDG high rise cigarette   / boots: madden girl dolo boot / necklace: queens metal: bold jewelry for fearless women (get the look)  / lips: nars velvet matte lip pencil in red square (thanks, fuchsia!)